Facebook Page of Bengaluru Traffic Police is Ranked Among Top 3 in the Country

bengaluru traffic police

Through an FB Page, the cyber team of Bengaluru traffic police is communicating the city rules and the idea of it is unconditionally gleeful and jocular. As it is popularly said, ‘Be a Roman in Rome’, Bengaluru City police is after Memes and Creative posts; and the way they are doing it is truly AF.

Now, the news is that the Facebook Page of Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has been ranked among the top three FB Pages of traffic police of various states in the country, in 2017. The page was started on April 10, 2011, pioneered by two additional commissioners for traffic, Praveen Sood, and MA Saleem.


Bengaluru city police memes

Seven-Year Journey with 4,90,771 followers

The page started gaining popularity when senior cops including the city police commissioners initiating different activities. They brought in innovative ideas to empower people to post pictures of traffic offenses.

Initially, they were a little skeptical and restricted the page only to traffic issues. Slowly, with the introduction of new-one-ways and VIP movements, the page made a word in the network. When they started reacting to complaints made on Facebook through pictures and messages, the bond became stronger. Currently, the page has got 4,90,771 followers and nearly 4,95,000 users like the page with 1,500 – 2000 daily visitors.

A Senior police officer said, “Pictures and videos of traffic police accepting graft or misbehaving with public always had maximum comments and shares.”

Top Three Ranked Pages amongst all the Indian Traffic Police

This has come in reference to a recently released data of the top-ranked FB Pages of Government bodies, Ministries and Political parties in India. The data looked at the popularity of the accounts in the period of January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017. Factors like interactions on the platform; total reactions, shares, and comments were considered to rank the Facebook page of Bengaluru traffic police among the Indian traffic police.


bengaluru traffic police

A Bridge between Public and Traffic Police

Additional commissioner of police (traffic), R Hitendra expressed happiness over the achievement. He said that the traffic police will put all the efforts to make the page more useful to public and road users. “It acts like a bridge between public and traffic police in addressing an issue and getting it solved,” he added.

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