15 Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga no matter what


Kannadigas are the most simple and tolerant people we have in India. They accept and embrace everything that comes to their way, be it good or bad. The culture here in Karnataka is molded in such a way that there is a space for everyone and the concept of ‘AtithiDevoBhava’ is followed by all hearts. They are proud of their land and language and as an Indian, everyone should see Karnataka as an integral part of the nation. We should come out of the fantasy that only Delhi and Mumbai is ‘India’ and should respect every culture of this country. On the other hand, if there is a threat to the language, Kannadigas are highly unpredictable. In this context, we have listed few things you should never say to a Kannadiga and the other way around will be the tips to impress a Kannadiga.

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Never say Kannada as ‘Kannad’

On the first note, it is not Kannad. It is Kannada. The accent of North Indians is such that they don’t add ‘a’ to the words. For an instance, they say Tamil Naad for Tamil Nadu or Karnatak for Karnataka and etc. However Kanndigas can’t tolerate when they hear Kannada as Kannad. Especially, when you are a Non-Kannadiga in Bengaluru, do not say, ‘Kannad Gothilla.’

Don’t say that Hindi is a National language

Please do not make this mistake. One should know that Hindi is not our national language and neither the Kannada. Every language is given an equal importance in the country. Source

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Never spell Bengaluru as Bangalore

Yes, it is obvious that we tend to say Bengaluru as Bangalore for a reason that it has been in the practice for years. However, now the official name of the city is Bengaluru and so it is better if you avoid calling Bengaluru as Bangalore.

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Do not start North Vs South Debate

Kannadigas see India as one nation and so don’t start a debate about South Vs North.

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Do not Troll Kannada Films

Kannadigas are very possessive about the movies. Yes, Kannada movies are not as popular as Bollywood and other South Indian films but there is a reason to it. Everything has its own limitations.

Just because the market is wider, it doesn’t mean that every Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil movies are of great quality. There is a balance everywhere. So, look every cinema as an Indian cinema and stop trolling movies based on the language and culture.

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Never dare to speak wrong about Dr. Raj Kumar and Shankar Nag

Dr. Rajkumar and Shankar nag like actors have achieved far more than you and me. These personalities are accepted and applauded across the nation. Moreover, Kannadigas are emotionally attached to the works of Dr.Raj and Shankar Nag.

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Be aware when you are talking about Kaveri issue

The world knows that how Kannadigas are betrayed in the case of Kaveri issue. It is a matter of life and death in Karnataka. Any troll or jokes on Kaveri can simply lead to a serious issue.

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Don’t say that RCB is a Loser

RCB will definitely lift the IPL cup. Okay? Yes, better you say Okay.

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Never say that you didn’t like movies like ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ and ‘OM’

Chances of you getting brutally trolled are more if you express your dislike towards these movies.

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Don’t show off and do Ganchaaali

Ganchaali Bidi Kannada Mathaadi. Kannadigas love simplicity and acceptance. Do not show unnecessary attitude and become a food for trolls.

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Never ever and ever say that Bengaluru is developed because of Northies

This is a serious offense. Kanndigas and Bengalurians cannot tolerate this at any cost.

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Do not say that Non-Veg food is shit in front of a Gowda

You might be a Vegetarian but do not say this in front of a Gowda. They feel bad and deeply hurt because Gowda’s are known for Non-Veg food.

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Never degrade the Kannada language in front of a Kannadiga

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Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

Try to talk beyond Bengaluru

Bengaluru might be a capital city but Karnataka is much larger and significant than Bengaluru. We have a beautiful Dakshina Kannada, generous Uttara Karnataka, and how can one forget the gorgeous beauty of Mysuru?

Things You Should never say to a Kannadiga

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So, this was our list of few things you should never say to a Kannadiga. If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below.

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