12 Unknown Facts and Behind The Scene Stories of OM Kannada Movie you have no idea about

om kannada movie

There are so many blockbusters in Kannada Film Industry. There are instances of so many movies creating and breaking the records but this movie called ‘OM’ is still an unbeatable glory. A 1995 released Kananda Crime Drama directed by Upendra remains to be a cult classic Indian film of all times. If people are crazy about this movie even in 2017 then there is a reason to it. Come, let us know the unknown facts and behind the scene stories of OM on today’s article.

A script that narrates the story of underworld mystery with Dr. Shivrajkumar in the lead role has the record of getting re-released for more than 632 times. OM is such a kind of movie that cannot be re-created by Upendra himself and if we have to put this in his own words, he said, “ OM just happened and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Unknown facts and behind the scene stories of OM Kannada Movie

The Script of OM was written by Upendra in his college days

Speaking in one of the reality shows, Upendra has revealed that the script of OM was written during his college days. It was one among the 10 scripts he had penned before starting his career in the film industry. A letter brought by his friend Purushottam haunted the writer in such a big way that it inspired him to write the script of this kind. He used to discuss the one line story with his friends but never had got a chance of making a film on it.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

A 1989 released movie ‘Shiva’ had a similar storyline

Upendra always wanted to make a movie on mafia and underworld with the essence of real-life incidents in it. He also had an unorganized and incomplete storyline but he had to drop the idea of making a movie out of it. He was disappointed to know that the screenplay of ‘Shiva’ had a similar storyline to what he had written. Later on, he had to reverse the entire screenplay to give it a new shape.

OM Upendra facts

OM is Upendra’s third directorial venture after Tarle Nan Maga and Ssshhhh

Upendra entered the film industry under the guidance of Kaashinath. He used to write dialogues, script, and songs for movies. Accidentally he got an offer to direct a movie called ‘Tarle Nan Maga’. After the success of ‘Tarle Nan Maga’, he created a movie called ‘Ssshhh’ which broke all the stereotypes of traditional movie making. When the industry was guessing about the director’s next move, Upendra brought the script of ‘OM’ to the table.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

Shiv Rajkumar was not the first choice for the movie

It was a time when Upendra had started working on the script. ‘Satya’ was the title he had in his mind and initially decided to cast ‘Kumar Govind’ in a lead role. As his previous movie ‘ssshhh’ was a success with Kumar Govind in the titular lead, the thought was obvious. Later on, as the script took a certain shape, Upendra decides to cast Shiv Raj Kumar and he says, “ I saw an intensity in Shivraj Kumar’s eyes and thought that he could give justice to a character like Satya.”

OM kannada movie

Honnavalli Krishna had an important role to play

With a thought of casting Shiva Rajkumar in a lead role, Upendra approached Honnavalli Krishna in 1994 and prompted him to speak and get him a chance of narrating the script to Dr.Rajkumar. Honnavalli Krishna spoke to Dr.Raj’s brother S.P Varadappa who invited Upendra to Raj’s house to narrate the story.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

It was a glorious moment for Upendra and the script narrated by him got approved in 10 minutes owing to the facts put about the oil mafia of Bengaluru. Dr. Raj gave a green signal and Shiv Rajkumar was signed for the male lead. It was also decided that the movie will be produced under Parvathamma banner and as a token advance, Rs.50,000 was given to Upendra. It was such an emotional moment for Upendra that he burst out in tears.

Juhi Chawla was a speculated name for the role of ‘Madhuri’

The director was in search of female actresses for the role of ‘Madhuri’ and few popular Bollywood names were suggested including Juhi Chawla. Finally, the team selected a newcomer, Prema on Dr. Raj’s approval. Prema was already filming with Shiv Rajkumar in the movie Savyasachi.

OM Upendra facts

‘OM’ is the movie of real-life Underworld Dons

As the script of ‘OM’ was about underworld mystery, Upendra thought that it will be realistic if we cast real-life Underworld Dons and thus the gangsters like Bekkinakannu Rajendra, Korangu Krishna, Tanveer Ahmed, and Jedrahalli Krishna were roped into play the prominent roles.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

The title ‘OM’ is an accidental story

The working title of the movie was ‘Satya’ but later on it was renamed to ‘OM.’ Dr.Raj wrote the spiritual icon ‘OM’ on the script material using Kumkuma and Upendra thought of making it as a title. With this, his style of giving single letter title to his movies continued. B.C Gowrishankar who headed the cinematography of the movie used the same warm, yellow filters throughout the film and there is a resemblance to it.

OM movie facts

‘Hey Dinakara’ song in the movie was suggested by Dr.Rajkumar

There was no plan of having a song in the name of ‘OM’ but it was Dr.Rajkumar who suggested that there should be a song with ‘OM.’ Today, the song tops the list of hit Kannada songs and thanks to Hamsalekha for composing such a divine tune for the movie.

OM Upendra facts

Sony Music Entertainment acquires the rights of film’s soundtrack

OM was released in 1995 and Sony Music Entertainment acquires the right of film’s soundtrack in September 2015. This is the best example to explain the legacy of the movie.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

OM got re-released for 632 times and it is a record in the Indian Film Industry

As of March 2015, OM had been released over 632 times and in 400 theaters across Karnataka. The film was re-released on March 12, 2015, with Digital intermediate and DTS for the first time in over 100 theaters.

OM kannada movie

OM was remade in Telugu and Hindi

In 1997, OM was remade in Telugu as ‘Omkaram’ which starred Dr.Rajshekar and Prema, directed by Upendra. It was also unofficially remade in Hindi as Arjun Pandit and few gossips are there that 1998 released Bollywood’s blockbuster ‘Satya’ was inspired from OM. It might be a coincidence as well.

facts and behind the scene stories of OM

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