Paramvah Studios: A much-needed movie factory for Sandalwood


2022 has been a pleasing year for Sandalwood so far. With movies such as KGF Chapter 2, 777 Charlie, and Vikrant Rona smashing the mark at the box office, the horizon has further augmented for Kannada Films.

In this context, there must be an invariant outpour of untouched ideas and quality movies. It is challenging for the industry to stay relevant without consistency. The success of a movie from one banner will spell good news for the upcoming films from other banners as that is how the movie algorithm works in the current era.


Paramvah Studios is one production house that is helping KFI in this regard. While helping preserve the quality of the industry, the banner is also furnishing opportunities for newcomers and some who deserve chances. We talk more about it in the below headings:

777 Charlie and Sakutumba Sametha were received well

Amidst the commercial successes of KGF Chapter 2 & RRR, a distinct offering on the table was 777 Charlie. The film was welcomed well by the critics and also made a good number at the box office. Not many anticipated a dog film to have a pan-India impact but 777 Charlie made that possible.

Sakutumba Sametha was yet another product from Paramvah this year. Marking the directorial debut of Rahul PK, the film introduced Bharath and also further heightened the stocks of Siri Ravikumar. The film is currently streaming on Voot Select.



Ibbani Tabbida Ileyali and Bachelor Party

It is what is in the pipeline that makes Paramvah different from many other banners. The production house is not deviating from its core of handing newcomers some much-needed offers, while also striving to explore fresh subjects.

While Vihaan and Ankita Amar headline Ibbani Tabbida Ileyali, it is directed by noted screenwriter Chandrajith Belliappa. Vihaan and Ankita are talented performers who were searching for the right platform to step onto the next level. Rakshit Shetty and his team have offered it.

Bachelor Party is the latest announcement by Paramvah. While Rishab Shetty and Achyutha Kumar are notable performers, Diganth has always been underrated. This is a big opportunity for him. Abhijith Mahesh, who has been a while with Paramvah, makes his directorial debut with this flick.


Sandalwood needs such production houses

If you take a look at the other industries, there are production houses that consistently produce films of all genres and budget groups. Be it Dil Raju’s production in Telugu or Karan Johar’s banner in Bollywood, they are mostly in for all kinds of cinema. It is not a surprise that they are the leading banners in their respective industries.

For Kannada Film Industry, though, there is a necessity for fresh talent and there are very few banners that are able to offer that. Therefore, the role of Paramvah is immense for the growth of the industry.