A Hardcore Kannadiga Enjoys Bishop Cotton Girls’ Fight, Says ‘Kaveri Namdu’

In a shocking incident, students of Bengaluru’s Bishop Cotton Girls’ School were seen violently assaulting each other while still in uniform. Amid the Viral video, a hardcore Kannadiga enjoys Bishop Cotton Girls’ Fight, he yells ‘Kaveri Namdu’.

Bishop Cotton Girls’ school Fight

Dozens of students got involved in the fight. Several girl students of Bishop Cotton Girls’ school were seen throwing punches, pulling each other’s hair, and pushing violently. The incident was caught on camera and the videos were shared on social media.


The videos of the shocking incident also revealed parents joining the scuffle. The students were also seen using baseball bats to beat each other and one student can be seen violently pulling a woman down the stairs by her hair.

Amid all this, netizens are having a fun time enjoying the silly brawl. While some were busy finding the reason for the brawl, some shared various memes for the same.

‘Kaveri Namdu’

A Twitter user shared a video where a man who happens to be a hardcore Kannadiga is enjoying the Bishop Cotton Girls’ Fight and is heard yelling ‘Kaveri Namdu’ (Kaveri is ours). The user writes in Kannada, “Girls are known for fights. Look at our boy, he’s saying ‘Kaveri Namdu’. Give him a round of applause.”


For one who doesn’t know, the Kaveri water dispute has been a major controversial issue between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over the years and the issue has been raised several times with protests across the two states.