Ram Gopal Varma On Why Bollywood Will Never Learn Things That Come In Small Packages

That good things come in small packages is something Bollywood filmmakers will never learn. As small-budget films did wonders at the box office and earned applause, Bollywood relied on making films with whopping budgets to woo the audience. This is what filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma said about the same.

Bollywood’s big-budget films

Bollywood has always relied on large-screen sets, unrealistic movie locations, and movie scenes filmed in international locations. These are possibly the go-to mantra for most directors and producers. But then, the lack of a relatable storyline and fine execution led to most of the big-budget films struggling at the box office.


Meanwhile, low-budget films in the southern Indian film industry always make returns of over 600 percent. The number of films released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films, the most successful were those that were produced on modest budgets and without superstars.

Hindi remakes

Looking at the box office figures post lockdown, the South film industry is apparently attracting more footfalls to the theatres than Bollywood movies. Hindi movies are not doing as much business as South films in recent times.

Also, Bollywood has grown so miserable that it has lately avoided chasing originality and is focusing on remakes more. Additionally, Bollywood makes films with an insanely big budget. 100 Crores, 150 Crores – these figures have begun to feel like peanuts when we see how often, a film featuring a top-notch A-Lister, obtains an insane budget. But the film ultimately fails to impress the audience.


Speaking on the same, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma said, “If Nani ‘s original JERSEY from Telugu was dubbed and released it would have costed the producers just 10 lakhs whereas the remake in Hindi costed 100 cr resulting in losing enormous money, time, effort and face.”

South cinema is done being second-best to Bollywood. In this new age of OTT and social media, content is king and there are no barriers when it comes to entertainment. With the audience being clear about their choices when it comes to the theatrical experience, Bollywood needs to give its writers a chance. Or the South film Industry will keep on dominating Bollywood.

“TELUGU and KANNADA films have INFECTED Hindi films like a COVID VIRUS..Hoping that BOLLYWOOD will soon come up with a VACCIN,” Ram Gopal Varma said.