Video Of A Woman Beating A Zomato Delivery Agent With Shoe Goes Viral

A viral video of a woman violently hitting a Zomato delivery man with her shoe is going viral. The assault in the viral clip has left netizens calling for justice for delivery agents.

Assault on the delivery agent

A shocking video of an unknown woman hitting a Zomato delivery agent with her footwear in the middle of a road has gone viral on the internet. A friend of the customer who had placed the order shared the video of the incident on Twitter, urging the company to investigate the issue and take proper action.


Tagging Zomato in the post, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj tweeted, “Can anyone hit your delivery executives like this anywhere? This delivery boy was delivering @bogas04 ( order (#4267443050) when she hit him with her shoes. He’s crying. It happened 6 days ago. No update from you yet. Why? How can she hit like that?”

The incident took place on August 15, but the location of the video was not revealed. Another user added that the terrified agent came running to him, crying that he might lose his job.

He said that he was confused as to “why a woman would hit an agent for a sandwich”. He added that the agent told the woman that it wasn’t her order and she should look at her food bill to tally the same. “She didn’t listen and started hitting him.”


The user said he had informed Zomato customer care while he was tracking the order, but there was no response at first.

He added that he called up Zomato customer care and requested them to help. But they asked him to ask the agent to call rider support for help. The delivery agent called for support but he could not follow the instructions as the support staff spoke in Kannada, which he could not understand.

Zomato later reacted to Deepika’s tweet and said that they are getting the incident checked and will soon contact the delivery partner.


All this while, the video had already gone viral, and netizens poured in their views about such inhumane behavior raising concern about the safety of delivery agents. Many users said that a complaint should be registered against the culprit and strict action should be taken against her. Many even urged that the local police commissioner should be involved as the incident was serious in nature.

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