‘Lazy’ Swiggy Delivery Agent Booked Dunzo To Deliver Food In Bengaluru

In a surprising incident, a Swiggy agent who was ‘too lazy’ to deliver an order, booked a Dunzo ride to deliver the customer’s food. 

Lazy Swiggy agent

The story got attention after Twitter user Omkar Joshi shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with a friend, who recently placed an order on Swiggy at a CCD outlet for coffee.


“I ordered a coffee on Swiggy from CCD. The delivery guy picked it up but was too lazy to come to deliver it here,” his friend told him.  

Dunzo delivery

The delivery agent might have been too lazy to deliver the order, but he wasn’t going to risk getting into trouble and losing out on a five-star rating. So, the Swiggy agent booked a Dunzo delivery partner to deliver the order.

“He was too lazy to come to deliver it here so he Dunzo-ed it to me,” Joshi’s friend told him. “And I get a call from him saying ‘Bheiya maine Dunzo kar diya hai, please 5-star rating de dena’ (I have sent your order through Dunzo. Please give me a five-star rating). 


After being shared, the tweet has garnered over 5,000 likes and more than 440 retweets. The post has also received tons of amusing comments. 


Amused by the incident, the official Twitter handler of Dunzo replied to the viral Tweet. It said, “In the @peakbengaluru metaverse of madness, Bichoo gang and Eagle gang work together. Hum bhi hain Joshi mein, delivery karein hosh mein, yun na aankhein dikha…Saailaaroo, saailaare! What say @swiggy_in.”

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