‘Brahmin’ Eateries In Bengaluru Spark New Twitter Debate Over ‘Casteism’ In The City

‘Brahmin’ Eateries in Bengaluru has steered up a new Casteism debate on Twitter. Netizens have shared eateries including ones named Brahmin’s Thatte Idli, and Brahmin’s Express, among others on Zomato, and have questioned the branding of restaurants.

Branding of restaurants

A Twitter user shared photos of restaurants and cafes in Bengaluru using “Brahmin” in their names, available on food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. Most Indian societies are deeply casteist and the branding of restaurants with a caste name started a debate on the social media platform, with opinions differing as to whether or not to use such names for the restaurants. As these subjects often tend to do on social media, there was controversy over the matter.


A Twitter user shared the photos of the eateries and pointed out: “There is no one specific Brahmin cuisine. There are Brahmins across the subcontinent with varying cuisines including fish and meat. There is no one Brahmin way of garnishing your food. When you call your eatery “Brahmin”, it is a plain and simple caste signal and nothing else.”

Twitter Reactions

A series of reactions started on the microblogging platform. Several other users condemned this discussion.