10-Minute Food Delivery By Zomato? This Is How Twitter Reacted

10-minute food delivery by Zomato service has left the netizens to wonder if it’s possible. Some have even shown disappointment with Zomato’s new feature.

10-minute food delivery

Zomato has revealed a 10-minute food delivery service for all foodies who enjoy food at their doorstep as quickly as possible. Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato, took to Twitter to share the new feature. “10-minute food delivery is coming soon on Zomato,” his tweet read. This new food delivery feature is called Zomato Instant.


Goyal, along with his tweet, shared a link to Zomato’s official blog post and wrote that the feature “will achieve the impossible while ensuring delivery partner safety”.

“We do not put any pressure on delivery partners to deliver food quickly. Nor do we penalize delivery partners for late deliveries. The delivery partners are not informed of the promised time of delivery. Time optimization does not happen on the road and does not put any lives at risk,” he said..

However, Twitter did not seem to be pleased with the resolution. After the statement, a backlash followed on social media. While a section of the users were cheered by the fact that now their food will be delivered in no time, other Twitter users were worried about the safety of the delivery boys.