Ex-TCS Employee Shares How Being A Delivery Executive Is Difficult

A former TCS Employee shares his experience after he turns into a delivery executive for Zomato. The techie talks about how he ended up learning the most valuable lesson of his life.

Life of a delivery executive 

Srinivasan Jayaraman, a former Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employee from Chennai chose to be a delivery executive at Zomato, while he was between jobs. Taking to LinkedIn, Jayaraman described his difficulty as a delivery guy and brought to light the challenges, these warriors face every day.


“I had left TCS a few days before. I am having a week’s time Onboarding another organization. In meantime, started learning new skills, and spending more time with family but it was not enough. I decided to do a part-time job to spend valuable time on that picked Zomato delivery boy job. I have started working as a Zomato delivery boy past couple of days, I had faced a few challenges within a couple of days,” he writes.

These are the challenges he faced within a couple of days as a delivery executive

  1. The delivery location was not mentioned properly by the customer.
  2. Phone numbers are not updated properly.
  3. Sometimes can not locate a restaurant if delivery agents are new to the location. Even google maps can’t find it easily.
  4. Long-distance delivery location. (I received an order to deliver 14 KM from an order picked a location, that was my third order in 3 hours online time and that was the last order too).
  5. Fewer orders are received even in hotspot locations and peak times ( I received only 3 orders in 3 hours’ time).
  6. Finally, petrol prices hike day by day.

“Oh, man!! It was not an easy job which We/I thought,” wrote Jayaraman while listing the challenges faced by delivery executives.


No job should be disrespected 

The techie also shared his thoughts about the misunderstandings surrounding delivery executives and how his family was uncertain when he told them about his plans.

“Many people are thinking the delivery boy’s job is disrespectful even when I said to my family they said first no. If you are working in IT then why do you prefer to go? We need to change this mindset. No job is easy and no job is disrespectful. If we love what we are doing that would be the best job in this world. I respect and salute the people who all choose this as a career,” he writes.

After a long post, the Jayaraman tagged Zomato’s official LinkedIn account and asked the company to support the warriors.


“Zomato – Please help/support our warriors. I have seen some notifications where you are planning to help with a petrol price hike. Really appreciate that. Keep helping them. I am sharing this as my own experience. Not to point out anyone,” he concludes.