Food Ordering Apps Zomato And Swiggy See Brief Outage, Netizens Share Memes

Customer support handles of both Zomato and Swiggy are facing a “temporary glitch”. Those who were just about to place an order are suffering from hunger pangs while others are just having fun as funny memes and hilarious pictures are shared on Twitter.

Zomato and Swiggy down

Food delivery apps Zomato and Swiggy declared a nationwide outage on Wednesday that seemed to have been driven by an Amazon Web Services hindrance.


Users across the country faced problems while setting new orders, many having issues with delayed deliveries. Nevertheless, both apps were back within half an hour but not before social media was flooded with complaints from users unable to place orders or browse menus.

Customer support units of both companies replied to the messages, saying they were working on resolving the “temporary glitch”.

As the latest news about Zomato and Swiggy appeared, the two became top trends on social media platforms and netizens have been sharing funny memes.


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