Viral Video: Traffic Policeman assaults differently abled woman, suspended

An incident was reported from JC Road in Bengaluru. A traffic policeman was seen grabbing a differently-abled woman by her hair and assaulting her. Apparently, he did so after the woman pelted stones at the cop that hurt him, and it was also said that she keeps doing it repeatedly.

The details of the incident

The Police officer has been identified as R Naryana who works at the Halasuru Gate Police Station and the woman and Manjulla alias Manjamma (37) who works as a parking lot attendant at a service road off JC Road, near My Sugar, a government entity.


It was reported that she always used to pelt stones whenever the towing vehicle would come to tow the vehicles parked at the wrong parking spot. The entire stretch of the road is a no-parking zone hence the police would visit the road always and get stones pelted at them. The Police officer retaliated in frustration as the stone she pelted hit his head.

This video has gone viral, where Narayana is seen pushing the woman to the ground He told his colleagues to call the Hoysala patrol to take her to the police station. He continued to drag her around and beat her until the car reached the spot.

After the incident took, she was immediately taken to the police station and was booked for assaulting police personnel. In the complaint, he claimed that he had a narrow escape as his eye could have been damaged.


The video has attracted the resentment of the netizens who have questioned the work of the officer and as of today he stands suspended.