This Auto Driver from Bengaluru did something ‘Incredible’ that restored faith in humanity

Sadiq Pasha, a 32-year-old autorickshaw driver, has made his professional community proud by returning money to a businessman who had accidentally transferred the money to Pasha’s account on Monday.

Auto drivers punctuality 

Sadiq Pasha’s action comes as a surprise at a time when autorickshaw drivers are frequently found to be at the center of a lot of negative news — be it refusal to accept passengers, rude behavior, rash driving, or even protesting bike-taxi operators. While most people pocket much smaller sums, Pasha’s punctuality in returning Rs 10,000 is not only commendable but also restores faith in humanity.


“I used his services through a ride-booking app on March 14 and traveled with him from Gangotri Circle in BTM Layout to Kalasipalyam. I paid him, using a UPI application,” Jose, the businessman, told TOI.

Once the ride was completed and the fare was paid, Jose needed to make another transaction using the same UPI app, this time for Rs 10,000 to one of his friends named ‘Sadiq Pasha’ – the same as the autorickshaw driver.

Sadiq Pasha

However, instead of sending the amount to his friend Pasha, he sent it to Pasha, the auto driver, by mistake. Realizing the error, Jose was worried about how to reach the autorickshaw driver since he did not have his phone number.


“That was when I contacted a friend of mine, working in the police force in south Bengaluru. He helped me trace the autorickshaw driver through the details on the ride-booking app on my phone. I called Pasha and told him about the wrong transaction, who promptly returned the money, putting all my worries to rest,” Jose added. Reported TOI.

Found extra money in a/c

Pasha later told the news portal that he was busy with passenger trips and had not even realized that an amount of Rs 10,000 had been credited to his account.

“When I received his [Jose’s] call, I was caught by surprise. For an auto driver like me, Rs 10,000 is a big amount for I know how much I need to toil to earn that much. I told the caller that I would get back to him after checking my account. I checked 30 minutes later and found an extra Rs 10,000 in my account. I immediately returned it,” said Pasha, who took up autorickshaw driving in 2013 after his father’s death.


“It would probably have taken me more than two weeks to earn that kind of money. I have an old mother, a young brother, a wife, and an infant daughter at home. I am the sole breadwinner and I understand the value of money,” Pasha added.