‘Romance Not Allowed’ This Uber Driver Puts Hilarious Board In Cab; Netizens in Splits

This Uber driver has found a creative solution to tackle any potential lovebirds in his cab. His actions have given him social media attention.

Driver puts Hilarious board

Love is beautiful, but not in this cab. This cab driver, who reportedly works for Uber, appears to have developed a clever way to deal with any potential lovebirds in his car, and his sense of humor has won the Internet.



In a hilarious way, a cab driver in Delhi put up a sign inside his car that said, “Romance not allowed in this cab.” To prevent couples from snuggling up in the back seat of his car, the cabbie has taken matters into his own hands and taken a rather direct approach.

After seeing the warning poster, Akshansh, who was riding in the cab, said he was glad he didn’t bring his girlfriend. “Sir, aapki bhi girlfriend hai (Sir, do you also have a girlfriend)?” asked the driver. The exchange left Akshansh and the other passengers in the cab in splits.


Post goes Viral

The hilarious sign put up by the cab driver in Delhi appears to have a large fan base on Instagram. Since it was posted a day ago, the video has received over 2 lakh likes and numerous comments.


Commenting on the video, one user wrote, “Cab wala chose violence.” Another joked, “Bhaiya got no chill.” A third person amusingly commented, “Emotional damage.”

Another user remarked, “Jab aap itne single ho ki aise warning posters se kuch farak nahi padta (When you are so single that warning posters like these don’t affect you).”