‘Never Happens in Bengaluru’ Gurugram Cab Driver Praised for Offering Samosa to Passenger

A Twitter user shares a pleasant experience with a cab driver in Gurgaon and compares it to one in Bengaluru. The tweet is now going viral.

Offering Samosa to Passenger

Booking a cab in cities like Bengaluru is like exploring a wild jungle full of strange drivers and unexpected difficulties. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, from eagerly looking for a driver within our budget to hastily waiting for them to arrive. We’ve all had personal encounters with the challenge! Among the flood of complaints about miserable drivers, one Twitter user recently reported a nice experience with booking a cab in Gurgaon. The quick and kind driver surprised them, especially when compared to the regular scene in Bengaluru.


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Monark Moolchandani, a Twitter user, disclosed his interaction with a Gurgaon cab driver who went above and beyond. According to his tweet, he was pleasantly delighted when the cab driver instantly called him after confirming the ride and said, “Bhaiya Samosa khaa raha hu, 5 min ruk jaaiye” (“Brother, I am having samosas, please wait for 5 minutes”). Monark agreed to wait for the driver at the main gate, to which the driver offered to bring him a samosa too, saying “Aap bhi khaaoge to 1 le aau?” (“Do you want me to bring one for you too?”).

Monark was taken aback by the driver’s thoughtful act, leading him to compare this experience to his normal cab journeys in Bengaluru.

Twitter Reactions

The Tweet drew the attention of social media users, who couldn’t help but react.