Dog Sits On Auto Driver’s Lap, Video Of Bengaluru Traffic Scene Goes Viral

In a viral incident, a dog is seen sitting on the lap of the driver. The driver is also seen taking out a cloth and wiping the face of the pooch. The video goes viral.

Dog sits on auto driver’s lap

The videos capturing the bond between humans and dogs are absolutely beautiful to watch. Those are the videos that make people smile and feel good. Like this video of a sweet interaction between an auto driver and a dog.


An Instagram user shared the video. The clip begins with a car stuck in traffic. A dog is seen inside the vehicle, sitting on the driver’s lap. As the video progresses, the driver can be seen pulling out a cloth and wiping the dog’s face.

Watch The Video Here: Click

The video was uploaded about a week ago. The video has nearly two million views since it was posted, and the number is growing. Furthermore, the video has received a number of comments.

Netizens React

“I pray this man gets whatever he wants. He won hearts,” posted an Instagram user.


“And then people say adopting a dog is expensive!! Pocket doesn’t matter if you’ve got a heart to carry,” wrote another.

“Oh my God. I would travel in that auto the whole day to help that auto driver and dog. God bless them both,” wrote a third one.

“He earned my respect,” wrote a fourth.