“Close To Flight Fare” Bengaluru Man shocked by Uber’s ‘insanely high’ fare from Airport to Electronic City

A man was shocked to discover that cab rates from Bengaluru airport to Electronic City were ‘insanely’ high. He took to Twitter to share his experience.

Cab fare ‘close to flight fare’

Have you ever tried to book a cab and been surprised by the excessive fare listed for the trip? A Twitter user recently came across such a situation when trying to book a flight from Bengaluru Airport to Electronic City.


A man arrived at Bengaluru airport and was looking for a cab to take him to his location in Electronic City. He was shocked, however, when he opened the Uber app and began searching for cabs to his location. The cab fares were ‘insanely high,’ and he took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the cab aggregator’s recommended prices.

He shared a screenshot of Uber’s recommended cab prices. The Uber Premium fare for the 52-kilometer distance was Rs 2,584, while the Uber XL fare was Rs 4,051. “Uber fare to Bangalore Airport from E-CityCost of cab fare is dangerously close to what I paid for the flight ticket,” he captioned his post.

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