An Airpod Was Lost in a Bengaluru Auto. What Happened Next Is Simply Unbelievable!

A woman left her Apple AirPods in an auto while traveling to work. However, she got them back within half an hour, thanks to an honest and tech-savvy auto driver.

A Tech-Savvy Auto Driver

Bengaluru is known as an IT hub and it comes as no surprise that people of the city are mostly hung on modern technology. A woman living in Bengaluru shared an amazing story on Twitter as her auto-rickshaw driver returned her Apple AirPods by managing to locate her.


A woman named Shidika Ubr shared how she left behind her AirPods while traveling in an auto. However, the driver of the auto managed to locate her and dropped the AirPods half an hour later at the entrance of her office where he had dropped her. She shared that he managed to find her by connecting the AirPods to find the owner’s name and used his PhonePe transactions to reach her.

“Lost my AirPods while traveling in an auto. Half an hour later auto driver who dropped me at WeWork showed up at the entrance and gave it back to security. Apparently, he connected the AirPods to find owner’s name and used PhonePe transactions to reach me…” she said.

The tweet has collected more than 9,900 likes so far. Netizens were surprised by the tech savviness of the people of Bengaluru.