10 Great Life Lessons to Learn from Dr. Sudha Murthy

sudha murthy

Sudha Murthy, the Role Model for all generations is a chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, engineer, teacher, Author, philanthropist or to sum up she is a bunch of talent. Here are 10 great Life Lessons to learn from this perfect woman, Sudha Murthy.

Choose your Passion:

It’s her passion and commitment to use what she has been blessed with for the benefit of others that keeps Sudha Murthy ticking. Choosing from carrier to writing books and to help the needy, Sudha Murthy teaches a great life lesson to follow our passion no matter how small or big it is.


Be Simple Be Genuine:

Sudha Murthy is one of the richest women in India and still manages to swear by simplicity. Many great things can be said about her but the one that stands out the most apart from her achievements is that she is a woman of simple values.

In a world where materialism plays a significant role, especially for the people who can afford the finer things in life, this is a great example of how we don’t need worldly things to make us happy. Simplicity is an art! And she does it flawlessly.

sudha murthy

Be Supportive:

When Narayana Murthy came to her with the idea about Infosys with no money, she took care of the house expenses and just to make her husband chase his dream. She gave her husband infallible support, this is a great lesson to learn from her, be always Supportive to yourself and to your loved ones.


Speak Your Mind:

Nope. Don’t ever hide your thoughts. While applying for the position at TELCO, she found a footnote that said female candidates need not to apply. She didn’t appreciate and wrote to JRD Tata raising the issue of, “Men only gender bias” at TELCO, asking him how a prime and innovative house like the Tata’s, which always thought ahead of time, could put such a restriction.

To her surprise, she was granted a special interview with a paid round trip and was hired on spot. She then joined India’s largest auto manufacturer TATA as a Development Engineer. This teaches us that, If your thought is right then it will find a way, so always speak up your mind.

sudha murthy

Balanced Life:

When her husband converted their home as Infosys’s office and worked with his colleagues, she took up a job as a Senior Systems Analyst with Walchand group of Industries to keep financially strong and also worked as a cook, a clerk and a programmer for Infosys. She had balanced her carrier and family in a genuine way, which teaches us to balance our life by giving equal priorities to everything we love.


Sharing is Caring:

Sharing is truly caring, Sudha Murthy always believed in “you are the only trustee of money and it always changes hands. When you are successful, give it back to the society that gave you so much goodwill”.

She actively involved in social work in the field of education, women empowerment, poverty alleviation, healthcare, public hygiene, art and culture among others. She visits rural areas as part of Infosys Foundation relief work. She helps whatever she could. Her foundation has built houses, toilets, schools in several displaced areas in the country.

sudha murthy

Be Yourself:

Sudha Murthy always inspired everyone to lead a simple life and listen to their conscience. She believes the beauty of a person lies in simplicity and confidence; so she says live life for yourself and not for others. Every human being should run their own marathon.


In life it is nice that you are related, you are married you have your loved ones by your side and all those things, but you are what you are and she says believe in your own strength, your thinking, your abilities and also your weaknesses, which will surely help us to achieve what we like.

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Never Stop Learning:

Sudha Murthy even now has started learning an ancient form of Kannada and the place’s history, both of which she makes use of on her road-trips in the rural parts of Karnataka. She is an author but she is always learning which teaches us no matter what you are and how successful you are, never stop learning.

sudha murthy

Never give up:

Sudha Murthy always trusted herself and never gave up on her career nor did she give up on her family. Being a career-oriented woman who was so fond of technical things that never stopped her from loving her family to that matter in the initial stage when Infosys was getting its shape, she was actually the backbone for her family to run. She never gave up.



Sudha Murthy is called as a philanthropist, which means love of humanity or a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by giving a generous donation of money to good causes or for Social welfare. She teaches the life biggest lesson; Humanity. Sudha Murthy being at this level and showcases such simplicity and humility is something we have to bow down to!

This was about life lessons from Dr. Sudha Murthy. We hope that you found this post interesting and motivating.