“Mothers Are Always Thankful To The ‘IT Companies’ In Bengaluru”: Sudha Murthy

While interacting with the audience at an event, Sudha Murthy explains why all mothers in Karnataka are thankful to Bengaluru’s IT Companies.

An Idol and a Superstar for Millions

Sudha Murthy is is a person who is a committed doer, a social worker, an intelligent engineer, a homemaker, and an author and she keeps adding more roles to her personality.


Today, she is a Padma Shri awardee, chairperson of Infosys Foundation, and an active member of public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation. She is often seen advising youths with their career options and usually guide them with the work-life balance.

Thankful Mothers

Delivering a speech at a recent event, the 71-year-old explains why all mothers in Karnataka are thankful to Bengaluru.

“If Nadaprabhu Kempe Gowda hadn’t built Bengaluru, there might have been no ‘IT companies’. I always tell my husband Narayana Murthy, ‘All mothers today are thankful to you because you have established a Company here(in Bengaluru)’. This means the children, the Kannada-speaking youths, need not go far away looking for a job,” she said.


“When we completed our education, we had to go to Maharastra, Delhi looking for jobs. Thankfully, this is not the situation anymore. Every Kannadigas are able to find a job in this city. Because of this, they stay closer to their parents,” she adds.

She further thanked the government for giving opportunities to these IT companies and working towards the development of the city.