Romantic Idea Of Marriage Is Only For Movies: Sudha Murthy Gives Best Advice For Married Couples


While talking on the book launch of her fourth installment of Sudha Murty’s Unusual Tales, Sudha Murthy, the best-selling author, and wife of NR Narayana Murthy, gave some life lessons on gender equality and marriage.

Though many couples struggle to adjust to the realities of married life, Sudha shares how a real marriage is different from the expectation created by Bollywood movies. While sharing an example from her own marriage with Narayan Murthy, she shared:


“Murthy travels 200 days in a year. The romantic idea of a marriage is only for Bollywood movies. This is real life. You must learn to deal with it. If you have to travel, you have to travel”


But what she said next, is what we feel is much needed to be understood by our society.

While talking about successful marriage, Sudha shared how several women have helped their husbands in times of trouble, it is important that husbands must reciprocate too. She shared how we need to accept all jobs are equal.

“Both sons and daughters must be taught to share their responsibilities at home. All jobs are equal. Men and women must respect each other and share responsibilities. Just like women support their men when they’re building companies and careers, men must also support their women.

In Indian mythology, and I have chosen some stories of such women in this book, there are instances of several women who have helped their husbands with their intellect, discussed strategies, stood by their men in times of trouble, invested their money and acted as catalysts to their husband’s careers. Men must reciprocate this too.”

Talking to Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairman and managing director of Biocon Limited, Sudha shared the ultimate validation that Murty lives by the principles of gender equality came. While reiterating the need for gender equality, she shared:


“Rohan has cooked for me when I visited him. He made pasta for me.”

Suddha is not the only one who shared how every marriage needs gender equality. Even Divya Dutta also shared a heart-touching poem on gender-equality in marriage: Tumne Kaha Tha Hum Ek Hi Hain, To Apne Barabar Kar Do Na!

Source: IForHer