10 Lakh IT Employees To Continue Working From Home After Lockdown Is Lifted: Infosys

Co-Founder of Infosys and IT Industry Veteran, Kris Gopalakrishnan has said that over 10 Lakh IT employees will continue to ‘Work from Home’ even after the lockdown is lifted and normalcy is resumed.

Kris Gopalakrishnan offers his thoughts on the topic

The veteran also said that the IT industry has managed to transition people to work from home, which according to him, is not a trivial task. Mr. Kris said: “And that was not a trivial task. A large number of people who have to be supported with technology infrastructure to work from home; business processes will have to be changed, with client permission.


The co-founder of Infosys added: “Now I am told that 90 to 95 percent of people in many of the larger (IT) organizations are working out of their homes. And that transition has been smooth and done very, very quickly. They have figured that out and I think this will now become part and parcel of the business continuity processing, planning in the future.

Courtesy: DNA

The veteran does not forecast layoffs

However, the veteran said that he does not expect people to lose their jobs, which has brought a smile on the faces of the IT employees. Nevertheless, he felt that recruitment could be frozen for a few more days. He said: “I don’t see recruitment happening.” He added: “IT sector does not see large-scale layoffs, they manage to hold on to their employees but they don’t recruit, they stop recruiting because growth is not there.

Regarding pay cuts, he said: “Yes, that’s one way you can actually avoid layoffs. Everybody takes a small salary cut. When the whole economy is in decline, we are going to see zero growth or muted GDP growth this year; so, that will have an impact on compensation and recruitment.


Source: Financial Express