“Behind Every Successful Woman, There Is An Understanding Man”: Sudha Murthy

On the occasion of Women’s day we can remember Sudha Murthy who happens to be an iconic examples of women empowerment and women entrepreneurship. What is more amusing is how she speaks beautifully about her relationship with her husband also about respect for equality in them.

The couple


In one of the interviews she went on to say how she leaves home for work at 6 am returns by 10 pm in the night but her husband Narayan Murthy never asks her anything about where she was and what she was doing. That is why she says that “Behind every successful Woman, there is an understanding man”.


Their love story also happens to be one of the most cherished ones. It speaks about how they had each others back and supported each other financially as well. She would pay his bills and would take care of the finances that he provided to her back in return.

With all these hardships and a beautiful success story, the couple are one of the most inspiring people we have in the country!