Sudha Murthy In KBC Revealed That She Didn’t Talk To The Boys In Her Class

Kaun Banega Crorepati is telecasting its final episode of this season and the Infosys chairperson Sudha Murthy will be the last guest of the show. In this episode, the Padma Shri winner has seen revealing her real-life incidents from her engineering life.

Sudha and her engineering journey 

Sudha Murthy will be seen appearing in the finale episode of KBC and will share the details of her struggle life. The Host Amitabh Bachchan told the audience that she was the first female engineer from Hubli, Karnataka, and faced a lot of struggles to build her career in the initial stage.


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Accepting the fact Sudha Murthy further informed that she was the only woman in a college of 599 men when she wished to study engineering. “In 1968 I set my mind on engineering. I figured I love applied sciences therefore I should pursue engineering. My grandmother was shocked! She said if you do attempt this, we won’t be able to find a suitable match for you in our community. Everyone in the family had a viewpoint and advice to share on my educational journey. Some people even commented that a girl opting for engineering is impossible, this is area meant for boys, how can this be allowed, and many such other things. But I had made up my mind,” said Sudha Murthy.

Principle and his 3 conditions 

She remembers that she was directed by the principal to wear only sarees, not go to the college canteen and not talk to the men in college when she joined.

Sudha accepted the first condition as she believed it was satisfactory for her. Coming to the canteen, she said that food was so bad, she wouldn’t have gone anyway.


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Explaining about the 3rd condition, the audience busted into laughter as the situation was very amusing. The third condition of not talking to boys in college, Sudha Murthy had the best answer: “I didn’t talk to them for one year. In the second year, they got to know I got the first rank and came to talk to me themselves,” she said and laughed.


Building 16,000 toilets 

The eleventh season of Kaun Banega Crorepati will end on November 29 and the Padma Shree winner also tells about her work with Infosys Foundation in the five-minute-long teaser. She talks about how she worked for the Devadasi community, how she helped build 16,000 toilets through the Infosys Foundation and more.


Recalling her engineering days, she said, “I used to walk 2kms to reach my college at 7 am and once the college got over at 11 am, I used to walk back 2kms and then use the restroom. In these years, what I truly understood is the importance of a hygienic toilet because without a toilet only a woman can understand what hardships she has to face. This led me to build 16,000 toilets across various states once I became the chairman of Infosys Foundation.”