You Should Head to Nagarthpet Food Street If You Want To Have Some Real-Good Street Food

nagarthpet food street

We all know about VV Puram and the street food we’ve all enjoyed at some point. Today, we shall take you through another such area you must not miss out on, in Bengaluru. Located near the busy Avenue Road, you will find metal, jewelry, and other miscellaneous goods being marketed by the day. If you happen to be here after sunset, you shall see the sidewalks come to life with street food vendors!

Back in the 80’s, Nagarthpet used to be the after-party area with youngsters stopping by for a hot, crunchy dose at 2 am. You could spot all kinds of people looking forward to curbing their late night hunger pangs. This was until a rule was established, asking pubs and nightclubs to be shut down by 1 am.


Today, you can still head for the carts where delicious doseys, steamy idlis, and refreshing badam milk are sold under the street lights. If you can brave through crowded streets, this is your paradise. Let’s check out some of the best outlets here in Nagarthpet.

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Nagraj’s Cart

There is always a crowd around Nagraj’s Hand Cart outside the Neela Complex in which he serves soft idlis as well as plain, masala and onion dosas. His red podi dosa, when paired with the spicy coconut chutney can give you the best foodgasm ever. His trademark chutney is ground with green chilies, mint, and coriander and never fails to bring life to the dose. Another delicacy he has to offer is podi rice, which is wrapped in a donne. They also have their own magic dose, which is a special onion and podi dose pairing.

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Annapurna Sweets and Chats

Another landmark eatery here is the Annapurna Sweets and Chats. This place has the best street food which will give you the street food cravings you never knew you had. Bhajji, kachori, fafda…name it! He has it all. This is where you’d probably be half full, if not on the verge of giving up. You must not miss out on their Kati kachori, which is beyond words!


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Mahaveer Sweets

If you still want more, there’s Mahaveer Sweets with their creamy Kesar lassi, which is a definite must. You will find yourself transcended to another dimension, after having this lassi! Having said so, we’re sure you’ll never find another lassi so divine.

nagarthpet food street

Murugan Fast Food

Murugan Fast Food is hard to miss, with the fresh, creamy badam milk being prepared right in front of everyone. He does this in a large pan and with an equally big smile. This shop also has the multi-layered Bombay Sandwich, which is every foodie’s delight. Even his vada pav will tingle your taste buds unlike any other.


best street food

Kolkata Mess

This place, tucked in a little lane near the Dharmarayaswamy Temple, offers a large variety of Bengali street food, from chats and pani puri to pav bhaji and kachori sabzi, and even the sweets which Kolkata is so famous for!


Best time to visit: 6 pm onwards

Note: It is Cash only since most of the shops here do not accept Paytm or credit cards.


Location Details:

Nagarthpet is definitely an area worth exploring and takes street food to the truest sense while offering a little and a lot of everything you could possibly imagine. There is not a soul who would return home disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Go on and get munching, guys!

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