Here’s why Albert Bakery in Frazer Town Should Be Your Next Food Stop


Nestled in the heart of yet another legendary food street – Frazer Town, Albert Bakery has stood the test of time and has been a steady rock, amidst the changing times. Not only is this the oldest bakery in Bangalore, but it is also one of the best too! From the bustling Mosque Road, MetroSaga brings to you timeless treats from Namma Bengaluru’s 116-year-old bakery!

albert bakery

Albert Bakery – Started in 1902

In a street which churns out the best of Mughlai cuisine during the Ramzan, Albert Bakery is the epitome of timeless, classic baking. Started off in 1902, the bakery saw humble beginnings as a godown in Sangam Lane, off Kamaraj Road. The founder, Mohammad Yacoob, would supply buns and pieces of bread to the British and Anglo Indian communities in the cantonment area. The establishment we see today was started in 1921 to expand their business. It was when his son took over that the bakery started selling biscuits, rusk, and other regular items. The next generation owner introduced the delicacies for which the Bakery is so well known today.

albert bakery

The current owner is of the fourth generation and fondly recalls these memories. Ask him about the name and he tells you that they went with an English name in order to strike a sense of familiarity with the then British population. This is because, in the 1900’s, Bengaluru was largely populated by the British. His plan worked and the name has been the same since then.

Mouth-Watering Items

Albert Bakery is a must for any festival we fondly associate with assorted food items. Hot cross buns on Good Friday, marzipan eggs on Easter Sunday, non-alcoholic plum cakes for Christmas and mutton brain puffs for Ramzan are only a few to mention. Their regular specialties include mouth-watering items including choco lava cakes, chicken swiss rolls, tarts, quiches, banana and grape muffins, chocolate croissants, donuts, and pizzas.

albert bakery

At Albert Bakery, a regular day begins at 5 am, in order to put together fresh batches, to mix ingredients, to purchase the freshest of groceries and to clean up the place for the customers. The shop, however, opens to customers at 3 pm and runs till 9 pm. This is done in order to ensure that all their products are freshly prepared. Unlike most bakeries, they are strictly against the usage of preservatives and taste enhancers.

albert bakery

The crowds that frequent this bakery are a testament to its quality. This is the same crowd that ends up creating a traffic jam in the area!

Must-Have: Khova naan, Cocktail samosa, Mutton Brain Puff.

Price for Two: 150/-

Location: 93, Mosque Road, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru.

Come on, Bengaluru! Let’s all head down to Albert Bakery for a delicious slice of history!

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