Food Ordering Made Easy Now With GreatBuyz : Go Online & Enjoy Your Favorite Cuisine


We are digital nomads on the digital age. And one important thing that we have learned over the course of time is that whatever we need, we can have it within a few clicks of our mobile or laptop. Even the food we eat, we can simply order it online and enjoy our favorite cuisine anytime, anywhere.

Order your favorite food in the blink of an eye

It is an era which has something for all- whether you are a foodie or a traveler. There are innumerable offers and deals for all kinds available on the net. If we talk about ordering food online, there are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed. In a normal takeaway setting, you need to call at the restaurant, note down the items to order, convey it to the restaurant representative and then get your order. This is a time-consuming process and at the receiving end too, the restaurant has to process the order which doesn’t make it any easy. Now when we compare it with an online scenario, all you need to do is to select the dishes you want to order and you are done! No hassles, your order is placed on the system and will be processed by your favorite restaurant quickly.

In case of an online ordering system, you are further sure of the cost incurred. In fact, there are no hidden costs or taxes. Order accuracy is also good as there is no miscommunication in ordering the food like the case when you order over the phone. The best part about food ordering online is that you can avail amazing discounts and offers through resultant coupons and deals that are offered from time to time.


Coupons are the latest savior

The online platforms like GreatBuyz are a one-stop place where you get coupons and discounts from different restaurants, food joints, delivery partners etc. You can get Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, Mc Donald’s, Dominos coupons and a lot more just by visiting the site and getting these deals at attractive rates. There are offers like Buy 1 Pizza and get garlic breadsticks free, get assured cash back of Rs 100 on your order via Paytm, get flat 20% off on your first order on Zomato, Flat 40% off on Food Panda app, Avail up to 40% off on your first 5 orders with Swiggy and more. So, under one big roof, you have the choice to make your favorite food order, saving a few bucks at the same time.


Since you do not have to go outside to get the food, stand in queue or order from a nearby food joint that you don’t like much, online food ordering has made it really simple to cherish your much-loved cuisine anywhere, anytime. This even tends the customers to see their budget when ordering by also reducing their travel expense and other taxes.

Well, millennial is the top priority audience for food delivery systems as they spend the most share of their budget on food as compared to other generations. Gen Y is more apt at ordering food online and eating out. It has been seen that out of 3 in 5 cases, these days people order food online or visit the restaurant for takeout. This is why there has been a surge in the number of food and dining coupons /deals available these days. With higher spending capacity, people have more choices now- effortless online ordering, instant delivery, one step checkout facility and a lot more.



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