Diljit And I Are Fighting Today, Can Unite Tomorrow: Kangana Slams Food Delivery Service For Playing Refree In The Feud

Actor Kangana Ranaut piled on a food delivery service for attacking her during her Twitter feud with Diljit Dosanjh, after the company was declared to have ‘unfair’ working conditions for its staff.

Kangana jumped on the opportunity and wrote in a tweet that she had seen the company’s Twitter account ‘play referee between @diljitdosanjh and me’. She accused the company of bullying her and supporting an offensive Twitter trend against her. She added in Hindi, “Hum ek industry mein kaam karte hain, aaj ladenge kal ek ho jayenge. Tum apna dekho, humare chakkar mein sadak pe mat aa jaana bhai (Diljit and I belong to the same industry. We’re fighting today, but tomorrow we might make up. We’ll be fine, but if you’re not careful you might be ruined because of this).”


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The FairWork Foundation studied and rated 11 platforms, and came to the conclusion that Zomato had the worst working conditions in the group. The food delivery service scored one point out of a possible 10. In a tweet on Thursday, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal took ‘full responsibility’ for the ‘abysmal scores’.

Diljit and Kangana’s Twitter spat began earlier this month, with him referring to a tweet posted by her on November 27, in which she wrongly identified an old woman at the ongoing farmers’ protest as Bilkis Bano, the face of the Shaheen Bagh protest. After claiming that Bilkis was ‘available (for hire) in 100 rupees’, Kangana deleted the erroneous tweet. However, Diljit criticised her for spreading misinformation.

The feud was reignited this week when Kangana accused Diljit of running away after provoking the protests. He dismissed the allegation, and said that Kangana was obsessed with him.


Source: Hindustan Times