Meet AS Khan, Bengaluru Activist who has distributed 3000 food packets in 6 days

AS Khan
Courtesy: Times of India

In a motivating move, Bengaluru-based activist AS Khan, along with his friends, has distributed around 3000 food packets to the needy, in just 6 days.

Start of the initiative

A resident of Shivajinagar, AS Khan, is the Karnataka President of the NGO Council of Human Rights and Bhrastachar Mukt Samaj.


Speaking about the idea behind the initiative Mr. Khan said that the idea sparked when he saw a well-to-do man roaming in Gandhinagar without a place to find food. Since then, AS Khan and his friends have taken up the task of distributing food to the needy and the vulnerable sections of the society.

Many have come forward to lend support during this tough period

Working of the group

The campaign started on March 21st and was expanded on March 24th, when the nation-wide lock-down was announced. Mr. Khan and his group of friends work from 12:30 pm to 4 pm every day and distribute meal packets such as pulao and curd rice to people who find it difficult to get food.

In the last six days, the group has operated in areas such as Majestic, Gandhinagar, and Mysore Road. They have distributed approximately 3000 meal packets during this period. Mr. Khan has invested Rs. 70000 so far to make the initiative successful.


Hygiene at the forefront

While the police have appreciated their efforts, the group has also made sure that measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak are in place while carrying out the activities.

Apart from wearing gloves and masks, the group makes sure each meal packet is handed out in the most hygienic way to the consumer.