The Famous Vidhyarthi Bhavan Hotel Is Now Coming To Malleswaram

If you had to choose the best masala dosa in town, depending on the taste, The Vidyarthi Bhavan is the first thing that comes to your mind. The outlet, however, is coming to a new location, the all-famous Dosa joint is opening in Malleswaram.

The Vidyarthi Bhavan

Bengaluru loves its traditional idli, dosa, vada, and coffee for breakfast, but in this city, the masala dosa becomes the default choice. Visiting Vidyarthi Bhavan, one may notice a crowd waiting for their turn to get a token and swallow down the mouth-watering Masala Dosa and other South Indian food of a legacy hotel.


Vidhyarthi Bhavan hotel has lived to the legacy for many decades. In 1943 the outlet started off as a small canteen that was frequently visited by students of the neighborhood. Their popularity blossomed because of the gold and crispy Masala Dosa that they serve.

In Malleswaram

Located in Basavanagudi, DVG road in Bengaluru, the famous hotel has announced another outlet. The owners have decided to expand the business and have opened a new hotel in Malleswaram.

Carrying the same heritage and legacy, this new outlet will serve you some lip-smacking south Indian dishes.


Twitter has expressed its joy regarding the same and is happy with this new location.