Viral Video: Man Eats Maggi After Mixing It With Vimal Pan Masala, Netizens Are Grossed Out

A bizarre food recipe is going viral on social media where Vimal pan masala was mixed with Indian’s favorite noodles. Netizens were super angry on seeing a man eat the mixture of the tobacco-based pan masala with Maggi.

Vimal Maggi

We have seen people mixing stuff with Maggi like- ice cream, cold drinks, chocolates, and whatnot. But have you ever imagined eating the noodle with some tobacco-based pan masala?


In a viral video, a man from Indore has mixed Vimal pan masala with Maggi. The clip shows him opening a packet of Vimal pan masala and pouring the whole thing into a bowl of Maggi. He then entirely mixes in the Vimal and then enjoys eating it.

Sharing the clip on social media, a Twitter user wrote, “Vimal Maggi. Bolo zuba Kesari” the famous tagline that accompanied Vimal products.

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