Nearly 1 Million People stuck at this 17 km Corridor between the Silk Board and KR Puram. What A Jam!

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There are people who stuck on roads and feel cramped to dance to the slow music of Bengaluru traffic. However, nearly 10% of city’s population are cemented on this 17km corridor between Silk Board and KR Puram. Yes, we are referring to people who work in tech parks taking a daily commute between Maratahalli and Silk Board. Right from taking an hour to get out of an office park to get stuck on drizzling traffic of rainy season, the situation is simply worse and pathetic.

In the last decade, we have seen a phenomenal growth of technology campuses along the Outer Ring Road between the Central Silk Board and KR Puram. Is it a Boon or Bane? Because this uneasy prosperity has created a traffic nightmare which is so fearsome that you even dare to imagine to be in.


10% Of City’s Population Work on the 17 km Corridor Stretch

The Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA) has estimated that nearly 1 Million People, meaning 10% of City’s population work on this 17km corridor stretch. Though this has put Bengaluru’s stature on the International Map in terms of the biggest Global Corporate experience, the other side to it is has gone beyond our limits. It has not only placed a huge burden on city’s transport but also on the lives of people traveling across.

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It takes 2.5 hours to travel the Distance of 25 km

Times of India has reported a saying of an Intel employee sharing his travel experience. It is said that a person who commutes daily from his office on ORR to a residence say near Hebbal, it takes 2.5 hours to travel the distance of 25km.

“Since the service roads are narrow, it takes time to get out of the Intel campus, and then it takes 15 minutes just to take a U-turn and come to the other side of the road. And then there’s the infamous traffic congestion near the junction of K R Puram and Mahadevpura. “

Inadequate Infrastructure on the Road

An employee who works in the Central Business Park has said that the service roads are so bad and entry/exit to the park is so congested that he has to wait inside a Cab for nearly 20 minutes.


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Anurag Tyagi, president of ORRCA and head of corporate services at Morgan Stanley, said that we were forced to trigger emergency business continuity plans during heavy rains. In this context, most of the companies are allowing their employees to leave earlier to avoid the traffic congestion.

He added, “I have seen people get down from a bus at one end of this jam, walk up to the other end, and take another bus. It’s faster.”

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Words of a Common Man

Nikita (Works in Cessna) said, “It takes more than one hour for me to cover the distance of 6km. I am scared of Service roads, especially at those points where traffic merges with the main road. Nobody awaits and everyone wants to go first. “


Shamala said, “The metro rail should come up quickly. At the same time, we as citizens should follow rules on the service road.”

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