Office Travel time increased by 6% in Bengaluru; Whitefield is the Second Worst for Office Goers


Tit-Bit: We all know the condition of Bengaluru roads and its influence on the slow moving traffic. In this context, a study by MoveInSync reports that the office travel time in Bengaluru is increased by 6%. Meaning, about three minutes one-way in the first quarter (January – March). MoveInSync is a global office commute platform serving the major clients including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Wipro.

A One-Way Commute to Doddanekundi now takes 58 minutes

Looking at the last year’s study, the worst hit was a commute to and from Doddanekundi on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) between Maratahalli and KR Puram. A study based on the major 11 office hubs of the city ranks Doddankeundi at No.11 (bottom spot) while Prestige tech park on ORR takes 6th position.

Prestige tech park on ORR hosts companies like JP Morgan and Oracle and on the other hand, an area between Maratahalli and KR Puram hosts Dell EMC, Samsung, ARM, Visa, and Ericsson.


Deepesh Agarwal, CEO of MoveInSync said,

“Six minutes of extra commute time (for a two-way commute) in a day is significant. At 22 to 25 working days, that’s two to two-and-a-half hour of additional commute every month. It impacts the quality of life and productivity.”

Whitefield is the Second Worst for Office goers

The World trade center, which hosts Amazon and ABB, in Yeshwanthpur was the worst. However, it has improved its ranking pushing Whitefield to the bottom in 2018. Bannerghatta which was ranked at No.6 in 2017 has improved to No.2 position. On the other hand, Bellandur and RMZ Ecoworld hubs saw a decent improvement.


This study is based on MoveInSync’s patent algorithms which optimize vehicle utilization and routing for the cabs and buses that its clients use. The results are based on the travel time for 11 Lakh office trips. The calculation is like – one-way travel times range from 46 minutes (to Sarjapur road) to 58 minutes (Doddanekundi).

An Average Commuter spends 3-4 minutes per km on road

The study also takes a look at an average time spent by a commuter on road. If it is 3-4 minutes per km on road in Bengaluru, Delhi NCR and Mumbai then it is 2-3 minutes per km on road in Hyderabad and Pune.


It is also observed that some employees work during the commute. The study suggests to include commute time as working hours. In the west, companies are discussing it and India have to look at this is as for how to make commute time as productive time.

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