Biggest Plot Twist: The Distracted Boyfriend Meme Ends In Tragic Incident, Here Is The Full Story

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We all know that social media is flooded with memes. From Yao Ming Bitch Please Face to Grumpy cat memes, the internet has left no stone unturned when it comes to entertaining the netizens. If you remember a meme which represented a “distractive boyfriend”, where a man is seen whistling at a passerby in a red dress while holding the hand of his girlfriend. Well, tell you what! It was just the beginning of the story. The 3 characters in the picture ended up in a tragic climax.

The biggest plot twist

The biggest plot twist of this generation is what people are calling this anecdote incident. A comical image of a man whistling at a passerby while holding the hand of his annoyed girlfriend went viral in 2017. But what happened to the story after that?

source: twitter

Guess you have heard the phrase, if you can not defeat your enemy, join them. The 2 female characters started loving each other and got married, leaving the guy to cry alone. That’s what a viral Tweet said.

The full story 

The Image which is popularly known as the “distracted boyfriend” meme started with a boy holding one girl’s hand while looking at the other.

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The man proposes his girlfriend while still staring at the other woman who was earlier dressed in red.

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The third part of the story shows the man hugging his girlfriend, but he continues to stare at the other woman. The girlfriend is shocked at his boyfriend’s behavior.

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The story takes a twist when the girlfriend decides to befriend the other woman.

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They both meat each other for coffee and had a fun time with each other keeping the man away.

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By the time they both like each other.

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They finally decide to marry each other.

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The heartbroken man has nothing much left in his life. He stares out of a misty window experiencing the biggest twist of his life.

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