Are Bengaluru Folks Experiencing ‘Frequent Shocks’ on Touching Metal?: Twitter query by woman goes viral

People in Bengaluru receive frequent static shocks while touching metal objects. Twitter users are now probing about these frequent static shocks.

Frequent static shocks

A Bengaluru woman’s query on Twitter is going viral after she asked residents if they have observed an increase in static shocks. Asking if folks in Bengaluru have observed getting static shocks often for the past few days, she said many of her friends have had the same experience.


“Bangalore folks, are you getting static shocks on touching metal since a few days? A crazy number of my friends are experiencing this. I saw a real little spark while opening the door knob,” read her tweet.

Twitter reactions

This Tweet garnered a flock of responses, some of which were educative, while others were funny and sarcastic.