Anand Mahindra shares Video that proves how Nature is ‘Superior’ to Technology

No matter how much technology advances further, it is always less than nature. Industrialist Anand Mahindra himself gave an example with a help of a video shared on Twitter.

Nature vs technology

Industrialist Anand Mahindra is quite active on social media, sharing information about new things happening around the world and their importance. He often shares fascinating posts that draw the interest of internet users. Now, in his latest tweet, the Mahindra Group Chairman shared a video where it claims to be proof that Nature is superior to Technology.


The 67-year-old has shared a video in which a person seems to be remotely operating a small drone. The operator is flying this drone closely over the water and then a baby crocodile seems to be attracted by this man-made flying object.

As soon as the baby crocodile raises its neck, the drone operator takes the drone a few feet above the water. But he did not realize the capability of the crocodile. The baby crock makes a long jump out of the water and holds the drone with its jaw and dunks it in the water.

Sharing the video, the Industrialist captioned “Proof that the natural world will always triumph over technology… (Emoji)”