Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Jesus in India

Is Jesus a disciple of Buddha? Did he live in India? | History answers

There have always been controversies over religious beliefs. In this article, we would be talking about, whether Gautama Buddha came first or Jesus Christ....
secrets of india

7 Incredible Secrets of India Which are Still a Mystery Unresolved

India, a land of hope, a land of traditions, a nation that made Gautama, a Buddha, a place where Gandhi was shot dead has...

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kannada heroines

12 New-Age Promising Kannada Heroines Who Are Beautiful, Bold and Incredibly Charming

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road safety

Staying Safe On Karnataka City Roads – All You Need To Know

The roads of Karnataka’s cities can be dangerous. This is reflected by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways statistics, which state that, through 2017,...
mani biryani

Here’s Why You Should Try Out Mani Biryani Hotel’s Drool-worthy Morning Biryanis

Located in Hoskote, Mani Biryani Hotel is a must visit for every foodie. You have definitely missed out on the best biryani if you...