“Pathrode belongs to us”; Netizens start an ‘aggressive debate’ about the food’s originality

Have you ever eaten a steaming hot pathrode right out of the steamer with lots of coconut oil on top and chutney? If you did, you certainly can imagine the divine feeling after eating this amazing delicacy. Twitter however is busily discussing the originality of this famous vegetarian cuisine.

Pathrode is the King

Pathrode is the King of South Indian dishes. They are pinwheels prepared using colocasia leaves. A tangy batter is prepared by grinding rice, grated coconut, tamarind, and red chilies. Later, the batter is smudged on colocasia leaves, which are then rolled, sliced, and steamed. These steamed pathrode slices are added with some amount of coconut oil on top and are enjoyed with chutney and some times butter.


And with the love for Pathrode, there have been debates about its originality. Some believe it’s a proud Konkani and Mangaluru recipe and some say it originated in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, some even argue it is from North India.

A completely reinvigorated debate erupted on a Twitter post that shared the image of Pathrode and called it Mangalorean Cuisine. Netizens, however, had a different opinion. Check out these Tweets:

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