This Italian company sells ‘Monkey Cap’ at a price that will make your ‘Eyes Pop Out’

Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is selling a Khaki Monkey cap that is considerably expensive. Netizens are slamming the company for copying the Indian style.

Luxurious monkey cap 

We all remember the monkey cap our parents made us wear during the chilling winters. It protected us from the freezing winds by covering our heads, ears, neck, and mouth. These were easily available in the markets and cost barely Rs 40. Even though some might think that these caps have gone out of fashion, recently, Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana came out with a Khaki colored monkey cap that costs Rs 40,000.


In a tweet shared by Swati Moitra, the screenshot taken by her shows a Khaki ski mask cap that originally cost Rs 40,000 but was discounted to Rs 31,990. After this post was shared, many people pointed out that this cap has a resemblance to a monkey cap. Even in the post’s caption, Moitra wrote, “As a Bengali, I am horrified and vindicated.”

Twitter Reaction

Seeing the Tweet many users came out with some hilarious reactions. One user wrote, “This should be the cap’s starting price in order to stop parents from buying it against their kids’ preferences.” “Not the same without the pompom at the top,” Another one wrote.