Bengaluru cab driver flees state after his passenger tests positive for COVID-19

source: thenewindiaexpress

It has been revealed that the cab driver who ferried a Spain-returnee from the Kepmegowda International Airport Bengaluru on March 13th has fled the city after knowing that his passenger has tested positive for COVID-19.

The cab driver has now left the city

Driving in Bengaluru for the last 15 years, the driver has now left the city after getting a call from the Health & Family Welfare department regarding the situation. This is despite strict instructions to remain quarantined at home.


Here is what the cab driver had to say about his current status:

I was very scared when I got that call and told I was his primary contact. I was asked to immediately wash the car. They asked me if I had developed a fever or cold. So far I haven’t had any symptoms, but I’ve been watchful. I was worried about being in Bengaluru and left for my home town with two relatives who are also cab drivers.” 

Cab Driver
The cabbie has now fled the city to his home state of Tamil Nadu

Drivers at huge risk

The cabbie further reiterated the risk at which his colleagues carry on their daily trade. While they remain at a distance of fewer than 6 feet from their passengers, the drivers also handle the luggage of their customers, which further puts them at risk.


Although he has not developed any symptoms so far, the driver is now of the opinion that farming is a better option than getting into risk with the driving profession.

The officials have decided not to take action

Despite strict instruction, the driver has fled the city. The officials from the concerned authorities have decided not to take any action and said that the driver might have to report to the nearest hospital in his village (in Tamil Nadu) if he develops any symptoms.