One Can Soon Expect Bangalore Square in the City with a vehicle-free Church Street on Weekends

bangalore square

Tit-Bit: As reported by the New Indian Express the Government is pondering the idea of restricting vehicles in Church Street on Weekends. It is said that the authorities are planning to develop a Bangalore Square similar to Times Square in NewYork City.

Bangalore Square in the City

We all know how worse can traffic in the city can get to but there is a sigh of relief, at least on the iconic Church Street, which is likely to be vehicle-free on weekends. Bengaluru Development Minister K J George said to the media that a meeting will be held on this, after which a decision will be made. If everything goes well and if the proposal gets a nod from all the quarters, days are not too far at all.


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Chruch Street is now ready to flaunt a new look

It is in the news that the iconic church street of Bengaluru has received revival worth Rs. 9 crores and is looking to take a new look. This will complete with a cobblestoned carriageway of 5.5 meters and footpaths of about 2.5 meters on both the sides.

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Also, the street now makes space for 56 LED streetlights and nine parking bays allowing the transit of 100 two-wheelers and about 16 four wheelers.

bangalore square

It Was Too Messy Over Here!

The renovation work of Church Street was started in 2017 with a deadline to get it done within 6 months. However, citizens who constant the road seem happy with the results irrespective of the delay. Hema, a local, said, “It was too messy over here and it was uncomfortable to walk on the road. Now, it’s been made easy.”

Information Source: ibtimes.


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