Now Check-in In 60 Seconds. Bengaluru Airport Becomes First One To Get Automated Bag Drop System

Automated Bag Drop System

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda airport has become the first airport in India to deploy automated bag drop system. With the help of these machines, it will now be possible for the passengers flying from the international airport to complete the check-in process within just 60 seconds. Thus, it will save the passengers from standing in the queue for a long time as the 16 fully automated machines at the airport will perform the task within a minute.

BLR Airport Striving For Convenience And Quality

In its tweet, the BLR Airport said, “Joining hands with Spicejet and Air Asia, we bring you the Self Baggage drop for a smoother and efficient travel.”

The tweet further added that the BLR airport is striving to introduce convenience and quality in its premises. BLR recently joined hands with Air Asia and Spicejet so that it can offer the luxury of the automated bag drop system to the passengers.

Automated Bag Drop System

Incidentally, BLR plans to expand this service to other airlines gradually in the days to come. The Chief Operating Officer at BIAL, Javed Malik stated that they are excited to be the first airport in India offering passengers and airlines the highly updated state-of-the-art technology. Malik added that it will ease the air travel process for the passengers.

According to the COO of BIAL, the goal of BLR is to use technology for improving passenger experience and also to make the airport operations highly efficient.

Malik further added, “Continuous improvement of passenger experience at the airport has always been a priority for us and the introduction of the new Self-Bag-Drop is a testimony to that.”

Automated Bag Drop System

How Do Automated Bag Drop System Works?

The entire process of making the system work is very easy. The passenger will have to first visit a kiosk at the Kempegowda airport and get a boarding pass and bag tags called eezee-tag. After that, he/she will have to tag the bags and go to the bag drop machine. Post-scanning the pass, the machine will weigh, measure and scan the bags in the automated machines. Later on, they will be automatically moved to the baggage handling systems.

As of now this international airport in Bengaluru has around 32 kiosks for printing boarding pass as well as baggage tags. Passengers with excess baggage will not be able to take benefit of this automated bag drop system. They will have to check-in using the regular hybrid counters at the airport.

Automated Bag Drop System

The airport is also planning to introduce other technological advances for improving the passenger experience. These include facial recognition facility for passengers, using biometric self-boarding technology for paperless boarding process and more. BLA plans to introduce these technologies at the start of next year.

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