Poorman’s Fridge in Bengaluru. BTM Layout to get its First Public Fridge

public fridge in bangalore

You might have read about the concept of the Public fridge which is quite common in the Western countries. Yes? It is a means through which people can donate leftover food or eatables to the needy, which can be kept in the fridge for the less fortunate to take away. It is an amazing humane approach towards helping the poor without hurting anybody’s dignity and self-respect. Not everyone who begs on roads is poor; some people are really castigated and in a city like Bengaluru, we find many.

No Person Must Sleep Hungry

The concept of the Public fridge will not just help households but also the hotels, restaurants, and events to donate food where the food is produced in large quantity and often wasted. This is an initiative taken by Chennai based Public foundation to install the public refrigerator in BTM 2nd stage, opposite SMC Kalyana Mantapa.


Issa Fatima Jasmine, founder of the Organisation says, “We started The Public Fridge three months ago in Chennai and have now extended it to Bengaluru. We already have one in Chennai too and are planning to install two more there soon.” (Source: Bangalore Mirror)

public fridge in bangalore
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Embarrassment V/s Hunger

Sharing an incident, Jasmine found that some food was left over in the house and she didn’t felt like throwing it out. Realizing the need of food and its importance, she thought about thousands of people starving outside with no food. So, she drove to the streets to find homeless people to donate food but to her surprise, they said ‘no’ because they were embarrassed to accept food. The next moment, Jasmine thought of this initiative through which food can reach to the needy, without having to go through any kind of embarrassment.

She adds, “This way, anyone can simply store food without having to look for the needy and anyone can take it without embarrassment. No food must go down the bin and no person must sleep hungry.”

public fridge

A Donation Counter

Along with a refrigerator, a donation counter has also been placed where people can put any usable items such as clothes, shoes, bags, pen, books, etc. The fridge and donation counter will operate all days of the week from 8 AM – 8 PM.


The public fridge is highly appreciated and indeed a great initiative and an honest attempt to end hunger among the needy.

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