It is Frightening To Know that By 2025, 95% Of Bengaluru Will Be Just Concrete


Bengaluru was once called as the city of Thousand Lakes. Can you believe it? Today, the situation has become so worse that even in an imagination, 1000 lakes is a subject of fantasy. All hail to Urbanisation, the lakes which were the source of life were forfeited and padlocked to curtains. What was the need indeed? When we look back and think about the need for which these lakes were closed, it looks silly. We could have saved the lakes and we could have avoided the recent devastation of life in the city.

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Urban Jungle In The Making?

In this context of the city turning towards becoming an urban jungle, experts estimated that by 2020, nearly 95% of Bengaluru will be just concrete. The reason given for this is the continued disregard of unchecked urbanization.

In an event that happened on Saturday, experts debated issues ranging from depletion of green cover, waste management, to inability of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act in solving problems. The event saw 500 people representing various welfare associations dissevering issues eating the city.


Here a Few Key Takeaways

1. The reason for depletion of lakes in the city is due to spring up of apartments. The builders and the government have left no stones unturned to encroach all small lakes in the city. (Said TV Ramachandra, Centre of Ecological Sciences, IISC).

2. Lakes have become garbage dumps as BBMP is working with a poor collection system. Though the Swacch Survekshan for the current year has begun, BBMP’s ignorance is frightening, said V Ram Prasad from an environmentalist group.

3. Malleswaram MLA, CN Ashwath Narayan gave a call to Corporates to adopt lakes as part of their CSR activity. He said, “There are so many organizations and if each of them adopts two lakes, we will be able to restore them.”

4. Advocate and RERA expert warned buyers purchasing properties in the city. She said, “The buyer falls prey to traps set by the builders and contractors.” She also said that people who are buying houses may not own them. The inefficiency of RERA is blamed for people getting cheated in the name of real estate.

5. H.Sharada, RERA expert gave a call to form an efficient RERA committee. This will ensure that the buyers and owners of the properties will be aware of the money and the interest amount, in case of violations by the builder. (Info Source: TOI)

On one side, there is a real-estate mafia going on in full swing and on the other hand, authorities are forgetting their responsibilities. This was about the discussion happened among the experts. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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