Bengaluru to Hit 40 Degrees Celsius this Season. Brace yourself for Warmer Days

40 degrees celsius

It is just the end of February and we all are feeling the heat already. With mercury level soaring by the day, every breeze is hitting the hot waves on the face. It is observed that the mercury level in the city is experiencing a rise and it is just going to get worse in the coming days.

Weather reports are saying that the temperature is going to gradually increase, from March to May and it is predicted that it could hit 39 degrees to 40 degrees celsius, nothing less than that. As a cue to this, the city witnessed 32 degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday whereas the coastal regions of Karnataka experienced the boiling 38 degrees.


40 Degrees Celsius

Srinivas Reddy, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) said,

“March is nearing and summer is setting in slowly. The maximum temperature has gone up, but still, evenings are really cold. While we still call it a normal temperature, people feel this uneasy because it is a transition period from winter to summer. While 34 degrees Celsius is normal but for Bengaluru, 38 to 39 degrees can be worse.”

Source: TOI

He adds,


“Coastal districts will see a drastic increase in temperature and there is already a cue to it. From March 1st week, within next 6-10 days, the mercury level will rise. The temperature has touched 30 Degrees Celsius from February 16 and 17 and from then we are sensing a slow increase.”

With an increase in the concretization and high buildings with glasses, there is an add up to the rise in the temperature in the city limits. It is going to be a harsh summer and so brace yourself for it – Sundar (KSNDMC) opines.

Few Useful Tips to Beat The Summer Heat

1. Wear Comfortable clothes.

2. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.


3. Avoid direct sunlight and never take chances of walking under the hot sun.

4. Include Citrus fruits and Seasonal Veggies in your Diet.

5. It is better if you avoid Junk Food and Fizzy drinks.


40 Degrees Celsius

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