Assembling your wedding team – the key players

wedding team

Getting married can be easy and enjoyable or it can be turmoil, stress and worry. It all depends on how you do it and the type of people that you surround yourself with. We are not talking here about family and friends, obviously, they are important, and the truth is that they are going to support you and help out in whatever way they can. Instead, we are talking about the staff and the people you have working for you behind the scenes to make the day a success. The better your crew or hired help, the easier it will be for you on the day. In that regard here are the key people that you need when assembling your team for the big day.

The most important

All the roles are very important, but the one that trumps all others is the person who holds it all together from start to finish. We are talking of course about the planner. To find a reputable one, speak to friends or go online and search for something like ‘wedding planner northern beaches’. There should be enough intelligence from that procedure to see who is highlighted and who isn’t. then meet and spell out your vision. Make sure that you gel with the person concerned because they will be your go-to on eth day.

wedding team


As much as you might want to cut corners and opt for a family member to do the job, this is quite simply wedding suicide. If yours is a sit-down affair, then the food needs to be good and the service and slick. No long queues or some tables finished before others have been served. You need a team of people who can cater to large numbers with quality food.


Many are the party that has been killed with bad music. Remember this is your wedding and your friends. They will probably dance no matter what tunes are played because they want to create a memorable day for you, so don’t let the DJ tell you what works and what doesn’t. you should definitely be guided by him but also make sure that he plays tunes that are significant to you and which will mean things to you and your friends.

wedding team

Photographer for wedding team

The photographer is there to capture the event for prosperity, he is not there to contribute to the ambience on the day. As such he needs to blend in and get the job done without really being noticed. Without a doubt you are going to want some quality images from the big day, so the photographer needs to be somebody with a good portfolio. But the truth is that most people end up with a wedding album full of pictures that they very seldom look at. A few good shots for the dresser or the mantlepiece (or for the Facebook profile picture) are critical, but don’t stress about getting too many, it is more important to be present on the day – and a good photographer will allow you to be that as they do their job unobtrusively in the background.



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