Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s House Used As Wedding Venue, Twitter Roasts The Prime Minister

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has found himself in a different era of trolls. Every now and then the former cricketer turned politician makes a new headline for his unnatural act that leads to social media sarcasm. This time he is been trolled for a different and an abnormal situation. The report said that a wedding was held at the prime minister house over the weekend, which has lead to social media ignominy.

Imram Trolled for his PM house used as a wedding venue

Imran Khan had informed last year that the Prime Minister House will be turned into an educational institution to promote higher education. “I will not live in the PM House and will convert it into an educational institution where common people have access,” Imran Khan had said after his victory in Pakistan’s general elections last year. However, it appears that Mr. Khan’s residence in now rented out as a wedding destination.


Brigadier Waseem Iftikhar Cheema who is a Military secretary to the Pakistan PM hosted a grand wedding of his daughter in Prime Minister House on August 3. Pictures from the wedding ceremony are being circulated across the internet. In this picture, it is seen Mr. Khan attending the ceremony with some other guests.

Social media was well aware of the situation and dint took long to roast the PM for his weird ideology. People took their trolls to twitter and mocked his party’s slogan “Naya Pakistan”.

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