Bhopal Family Replaces Wedding Cards With Eco Friendly Invites

Couples these days try some of the bizarre ideas to make their wedding look a special and a memorable one. It could be with the wedding destination, a fashion fantasy or luxurious decors, the duos try everything to make the moment look extraordinary. We have also encountered a certain wedding destination that aims to go eco-friendly and cost-effective to motivate people to get a greener approach. In a similar incident, a Bhopal groom comes up with this unique idea to replace their wedding cards with potted plants to spread awareness among people to go green.

Go green with the wedding potted plants

Initially, the idea was to send E-invites which would have saved papers. The invite also had specific directions like the guest should not bring bouquets, food in plates should not be wasted and avoiding the usage of single-use plastic bottles. However, the family said that by sending e-invites, they will not be able to privately meet and greet the invitees.

source: indiatimes

It was then Pranshu Kanakane the groom, and his brother Prateek decided to use potted plants as invites by printing the information on the pot. The plants were all 8-10 months old and can comfortably last indoors for 3-4 years.

Varieties of invites 

There were around 50 Tulsi plants, which were broadly accepted by the family. There were also four to five varieties of indoor plants and around 30-40 seasonal plants which even drove to the invitees choosing their own ‘green invite’.

source: indiatimes

“I did not expect the reaction we received. People were remarkably delighted with the invites and as we had 4-5 varieties of plants, including spiritual ones such as Tulsi, they were eager to pick their invite,” said Prateek.

source: indiatimes

Besides getting eco-friendly, another significant trouble lingered at the wedding was food wastage. Therefore, they co-operated with an organization named Robin Hood Army who gathers excess food from weddings and distributes it to those in penury.