Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Stories about Rani Padmavathi

4 Stories about Rani Padmavathi Highlighted in Wikipedia proves that none of them is...

Of late, the Internet was filled with the controversy about Rani Padmavathi and all the cooked / uncooked stories that actually created a storm...
Pork Restaurants in Bangalore

Crave Out for Coorgi Style and Authentic Pork Restaurants in Bangalore

Pork, an esculent name for domestic pig meat is widely consumed across the globe. If we look at the consumption of pork as a...
nine hill forts

Mystic and Unexplored Nine Hill Forts Near Bengaluru for a Spine-Chilling Scenic Experience

They say, ‘there’s nothing out there.’ Forts are becoming extinct because they do not have those fancy recreational attributes. And of course, when they...